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Lina Trochez
Lina Trochez
12 Nov

How to Recover From Physical and Mental Injuries

One of GCJ’s current auto collision cases involves a client who was injured in a car accident with her children. While our client was making a legal left turn, another vehicle proceeded and hit our client’s car head on. The impact from the collision caused our client serious neck injury which has caused ongoing pain since the accident. She has been in and out of physical therapy and was prescribed various different medicines to help her pain and increase the mobility in her neck. The worst part, though, has been the emotional effect on our client and her children. All three of them are now afraid to drive in town, and they especially get nervous making any left turns. Our client never thought her kids would be so impacted, but they vividly remember the accident and the fear they felt. As a mom, she never wants her kids to worry about things they shouldn’t have to. She is now even more afraid for when her children start working on getting their drivers’ licenses.


Automobile collisions and their attendant injuries, like many other sorts of accidents, cause mental stress and pain just as much as they cause physical injury. GCJ appreciates this fact, and that is why our legal assistants and attorneys find it vital to walk with our clients so closely during a process that can be overwhelming and confusing. The last thing an injured client should worry about is if their paperwork and legal documents are being submitted and handled in a timely and accurate manner. One thing that GCJ emphasizes as a firm, is to know as much about our clients as possible and communicate with them so they do not feel out of the loop on their own case. Our office conducts home visits with our clients throughout their case so that they hear, in person, how their case is progressing and if they need to do anything.


That’s right! Our attorneys and legal assistants make a point to visit every client in their home. We do this so that after a collision or accident our clients are able to see their attorney face to face. They can ask more personal questions and get answers quickly. They are able to tell the attorney what they are truly worried about and what they need right away. This allows our office to get to know our clients in their own space which helps tremendously in forming real bonds with each and every one of the clients we see. The legal assistant on the case mentioned above is Kacie Franklin, and she just recently helped conduct one of these home visits.


Here is what Kacie has to say about working on this case:

“Family is everything to our firm. This case shows just that, and it is my pleasure to work with a client who cares for her family. We are all working hard to make sure each of our clients is taken care of. I am grateful to be a part of it.”


Pictured Kacie Franklin and boyfriend Daniel Miller.

In the midst of our client’s difficult journey, Kacie has been keeping in touch with her at every step. Early on in our client’s case, our attorneys filed several motions to make sure that the case could go forward and that it was filed in the proper venue/location. All these motions which seem small or confusing to a client are actually crucial to ensuring the forward momentum and fairness of their case. Kacie is essential to making sure such motions get filed on time and in the right way. She also keeps the client informed of these changes and any other updates that might be important. Kacie has been stellar at helping our client set up doctors’ appointments and ensuring that our client’s case continues to move forward. She works hard so that our clients get what they deserve in the middle of hardship and injury. The GCJ family would like to personally thank Kacie for her hard work and dedication.


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