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Because helping injured people is all we do, our firm has extensive experience handling various case situations. Below we explain several of our frequent case types, but we have many more successful outcomes in unique cases. If you have a question about the types of cases we represent please give us a call today.

Oilfield Injury

Get the Results you Deserve with an Experienced Louisiana Oil Field Injury Attorney You Can Trust Have you or a loved

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18-Wheeler Injury

Get the Results you Deserve! Experienced Louisiana 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Injury Attorneys you can Trust! Handling

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Construction Injury

New Orleans can Count on GCJ Law to fight for their rights Construction workers have it rough. You work in one of

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Brain Injury

Every year, across the US, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) cause 5 million emergency room visits, 282,000

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Spinal Injury

Herniated Disc in Neck Shooting pain into shoulders, arms, or hands Numbness, tingling, or burning in

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Maritime & Offshore

As if workers comp cases weren’t complicated enough, Maritime Law and the Jones Act can add even more complexity to

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Orthopedic Injury

No matter what your case, injury or situation, if you’ve experienced an orthopedic injury while on the job, you

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Auto Collision Injury

Whether you are a delivery driver, a long-haul trucker, or running a quick errand for your employer, if you were

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Wrongful Death

What do you do after Love One Dies? If you do not know where to turn, let us help you. We have experience in walking

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Jury verdict in oilfield personal injury


Jury verdict in wrongful death of a pedestrian


Settlement of wrongful death automobile collision


Bench trial verdict in motorcycle collision


Jury verdict in action regarding falling luggage from overhead airplane compartment


Jury verdict in single car hydroplaning crash


Settlement of oilfield personal injury


Jury verdict in automobile collision personal injury

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