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Injured in a Construction Accident?

New Orleans can Count on GCJ Law to fight for their rights

Construction workers have it rough. You work in one of the most dangerous industries in our country, and yet our infrastructure would crumble without you. You literally put your life on the line to build indispensable infrastructure, homes, commercial properties and more.

The construction industry sees thousands of injuries within a year, with on-site accidents at worksites accounting for an alarming 1 in 5 workplace fatalities in 2016.

When the nature of your job is dangerous, you count on proper safety policies and procedures to help keep you safe. Unfortunately, construction accidents still happen, and rules, precautions are not always followed. Negligence and oversight happen, as does equipment failure and human error. All of which can result in catastrophic life-altering injuries (or worse).

GCJ Law provides Top-Rated Construction Accident Attorneys for New Orleans

Helping injured parties is what we do. If you’ve been harmed in a construction accident, we can help. At-fault parties need to be held responsible, and you deserve peace of mind knowing that you will get the time and treatment you need to make a full recovery, as well as the compensation you and your family need to survive while off work.

If you were injured during a construction-related job and have questions about who may be at fault, please call our offices today. Let us help.

How can Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

Injuries on the job can be life-altering. You may find yourself not only worrying about medical bills, visits, and recovery, but also about who is responsible and how these accidents can be prevented in the future.

Protecting your legal rights during this time is imperative. By hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, you gain a powerful ally in your corner.

  • We Know How Much Your Claim is Worth: Our attorneys have years of experience doing just that; we can help you get the best outcome and help you estimate the value of your claim.
  • We Can Take on Insurance: Our attorneys put their foot down and stand up to the insurance companies  ensuring that they don’t focus on the “only” and start taking care of the “all.” We treat our clients fairly and equally.
  • We Understand the Legal Process: With GCJ Law, you can rest easy knowing your case is in experienced hands, because we understand how personal injury laws work.
  • We’ll Help Bring the Law to Your Side: Our lawyers will help you every step of the way and bring justice on your side, and assist you in settling a defense for your case.
  • Our Law Firm Specializes in Different Cases: We help our clients in Louisiana with various cases such as oilfield injury, construction injury, and wrongful death/medical manslaughter.
  • GCJ Law is Always at Your Side: We are always here to help individuals bring justice that they deserve. We have the legal resources and experiences to bring your case to court.

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

We know we can help, but sometimes it’s better to let our past clients tell you about their own success stories with us…

“As we faced our life challenge, Scott and his team showed us strength, courage, and confidence. They were the voice who said ‘Yes,’ when the rest of the world said, ‘No.’” — Wendi

“GCJ will fight for you. They are the most honest, hardworking law firm there is. You become family to them, not just a client.” — Jeremy

“Scott is very easy to work with, he gives 110% professionally and personally, we know he is our friend. We would definitely recommend him to our friends and family, Scott works tirelessly for his clients.” — Michael & Tamisa

About our Law Firm

Gregorio, Chafin, Johnson, Poolson & Tabor, LLC, is a personal injury law firm licensed to handle cases in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Each attorney on our team is committed to taking care of our clients and providing the highest level of service.

After all, you’re not just a client to us— your family. With over 40 years of experience behind our firm, we’re ready to pursue the best possible outcome in your case. Contact us today, and we’ll get started.

For two years and counting, we’ve been honored to receive the prestigious “Best Law Firm Award,” given by the U.S. News and World Report. Are you ready to learn how we’ve earned this recognition? Call our offices today, and let’s start discussing your case.

Construction Injury Representation Joins our Long List of Services…

  • Oilfield Injury – Have you been seriously injured in the oil field? Our attorneys are ready to help.
  • 18-Wheeler Injury – When you’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle, we can help protect your best interests and ensure a smooth legal process.
  • Brain Injury – If you’ve suffered serious head trauma, our attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation— and get the treatment you need.
  • Spinal Injury – If you experience a spinal injury, time is of the essence to determine the extent of the damage and find the best treatments. Think your injury was the result of negligence? Let our personal injury attorneys help.
  • Maritime & Offshore – Don’t let a company doctor pressure you into returning to work before you’ve recovered. Our firm will help deal with your employers to ensure you get the treatment—and the time—you need.
  • Orthopedic Injury – Orthopedic injuries are one of the most varied in terms of severity and treatment plan. If you’re experiencing ongoing symptoms, but your insurance doesn’t want to pay, give us a call.
  • Auto Collision Injury – Your life doesn’t screech to a halt after an accident. You need to ensure that the damage is filed correctly and that at-fault parties are held responsible. Our firm is experienced in helping you sort through the next few days.
  • Wrongful Death – We understand the pain of losing a loved one— the wound only cuts deeper when their loss could have been prevented. Let our attorneys walk with you through this difficult time to ensure the right people are held responsible.

Looking to Unwind during Proceedings or while you Recover? New Orleans Delivers.

Even 300 years after its founding, New Orleans never has a dull moment. From delicious cuisine to historic bars, seasonal festivals to culturally diverse shows and events, the Big Easy has something for everyone.

Split into 13 neighborhoods, the impressive architecture and varied entertainment venues of New Orleans are just waiting for you to discover them. Stay, Eat, Drink, Shop— we have something for everyone.

Community Involvement

Here at GCJ Law, we’re proud to serve our community. We don’t restrict our aid to personal injury cases. For years, we have been inspired by the words of Mother Theresa: “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

One way we aim to help our community is through the Louisiana Heroes’ Scholarship Fund, started by our very own Scott J. Chafin, Jr. This fund benefits teachers, coaches, law enforcement officers, and first responders by helping cover their children’s vocational school or college tuition.

Our firm is proud to partner with United Way, University of Connecticut’s Korey Stringer Institute, Global Maritime Ministries, Community Renewal International, Operation Bright Holiday, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, End Distracted driving, and Think First. We’ve made a commitment alongside these organizations to help ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

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