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Current Events:

 $10,000 Commitment to Building Up the Shreveport Community:

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Gregorio, Chafin, Johnson, Poolson & Tabor, L.L.C. recently made a $10,000 donation to Community Renewal in Shreveport to become a partner with the new Friendship House in the Highland neighborhood. Friendship Houses are located in low-income areas of the city and act as community centers in a home. Each neighborhood has two such houses – one with programs geared towards children and the other focused on teenagers. A resident family lives in part of each home while the rest of it is used for outreach to at-risk youth and families through after-school programs, community service projects and activities. Over 3,000 children and teens have been serviced since the first house opened in 1997 and neighbors have been working together to have safe, strong, hopeful communities. Recent reports show a decrease in major crime of 52% in the four Friendship House areas in Shreveport and the one in Bossier City.


We are thrilled to be a partner with this successful, innovative, ongoing program to improve our community.


Pictured Left to Right:
Tutu Baker, Alyssa Hurley, Shanetta Brown, Kristin Waller, Jimmy Graves, Scott Chafin, Charlie Tabor, Barbara Meyers, and Tamara Norman


Gregorio, Chafin, Johnson, Poolson & Tabor Receives "Best Law Firm" Award:

Based exclusively on peer reviews and client feedback, this prestigious award sets our firm apart as a practice that runs on integrity and excellent client care. 

Awarded in the Metropolitan Shreveport tier and in the  "Personal Injury Litigation" category.


GCJ & Bulldogs Baseball Team Host Community Renewal Christmas Party:

On December 14th, 2017, GCJ attorney and Bulldog's coach Scott Chafin combined the efforts of his firm and his son's baseball team to share the spirit of Christmas with local Bossier Parish children. As another benefit of our relationship with Shreveport's own Community Renewal, our firm was able to sponsor the Christmas celebration at the Barksdale Annex Friendship House. This particular Community Renewal Friendship House is run by the very committed Manuela Standard. She opens the house up daily and welcomes the children into a safe place for playing, studying, and learning about God's love. Each Friendship House child was able to request something that they needed and something that they wanted for Christmas. Then at the party they were presented with their gift by a member of the Bulldogs Baseball Team. After all of the kids had their gifts in hand, Scott presented Manuela with a desktop computer, a TV, and several educational games to help her in her ministry efforts. To the left we have included some photos from the night of the party so you can share in the great fun that was had! 


Gregorio, Chafin, Johnson, Poolson & Tabor raise $10,000.00 for Barksdale Airmen: 

The Federal Bar Association of North Louisiana held its 5th Annual Clay Shoot to benefit airmen at Barksdale AFB at the Shreveport Gun Club on Friday, Sept. 15.  There were over 80 participants in the shoot and over 15 airmen from Barksdale helped at the event.  Once again, this fundraiser was for Operation Bright Holiday, a project that sends first-year airmen home from Barksdale for the holidays.  A donation of $10,000 was presented on behalf of the Federal Bar Association to Col. Ty Neuman, 2nd Bomb Wing Commander, at Barksdales’ Octoberfest on October 6.   The donation is expected to help approximately 80 airmen spend the 2017 holidays with their families.

Col. Neuman was a special guest and speaker at the event.  He and airman Jennifer Haldeman spoke about the importance and value of Operation Bright Holiday.  Ms. Haldeman related her personal experience with it and how it enabled her to be home with her sick grandfather in Washington state for the first time in over two years. 

The North Louisiana Chapter of the Federal Bar Association was organized locally in 2008 by U.S. District Judge Maury Hicks and U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Hornsby.  “Judge Hicks and I started it to improve the dialogue between and among the community, local lawyers and federal judges,” Hornsby said.  The immediate past president at the time, Scott Chafin, came up with the idea of a clay shoot fundraiser and the first one was held in 2013. 

Gregorio, Chafin, Johnson, Poolson & Tabor is proud to play a role in sending home our heroes and we extend the deepest gratitude to our men and women serving as Barksdale Airmen.


Firm Newsletter:

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Spring 2018 - Volume 3

Remie Family.jpg


Ms. Remie Ayres immigrated to Louisiana to pursue the American dream for her children. Remie was injured when a vehicle made an illegal turn in front of her car and caused a collision.  The other driver admitted that she did not see Remie’s vehicle.  The investigating officer found that the other driver was driving distracted.  The crash caused Remie to have herniated discs at 4 levels in her neck.  At the levels of C3-4 and C5-6, the disc herniations were pressing and pinching the spinal nerves.  Ultimately, Remie had to undergo a fusion surgery of her neck.  Attorneys Scott Chafin and Danny Poolson worked hard for Remie and secured a settlement that was over $1 Million dollars.  Her oldest daughter is a Straight “A” student, and with the settlement, Remie plans to pay for her college. Remie showed amazing perseverance after this crash, to continue reading, click below.

A young Remie with her mother, father and siblings before she immigrated to Louisiana. 



Recently, the firm settled one of the most heartbreaking cases we have ever handled.  We filed a lawsuit because the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services took a 6-year-old child away from her mother and placed the child in a home with the father and his girlfriend, where the father and his girlfriend beat the child to death. The DCFS took the child away from her mother all because the father and his girlfriend claimed that the mother, our client, caused bruising on the child’s head.  From that point, the DCFS began to level charges against our client with little investigation. The autopsy revealed 40 separate injuries on the child’s body, all with different ages.  This medical evidence proved that the father and girlfriend abused the child while DCFS was investigating the mother. The DCFS did not do their job of protecting the child in this case. To continue reading about how attorneys Scott Chafin and Charles Tabor worked the case against the DCFS, click below.