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John Schnobrich
John Schnobrich
29 Oct

How To Avoid Serious Injuries from Automobile Collisions

As a personal injury firm, the hardest part of all of our jobs is to see good people at the mercy of another person’s or company’s careless mistakes. Almost 100% of our automobile cases could be totally avoided by marginal changes in awareness and caution on the road. Serious injury and death are easy to avoid if we take simple steps to avoid them. The horrible truth, of course, is that we all have the potential to cause a car accident. Accidents are always possible, and when we speed, we increase the chances that serious injury or death will be a reality for ourselves and other drivers.


Since we all want to make it back home to our families, and for other drivers to make it home to theirs, we want to offer a few suggestions we have for staying safe and alert on the road. This week, we will talk about following speed limit signs. I know, I know, but hear us out.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding has caused almost 1/3 of all automobile fatalities in the past two decades, which amounts to 10,111 deaths just in 2016 ( The NHTSA also reports that speeding drivers are responsible for the same amount of damage as those who drive drunk. Each type of accident accounts for about 30% of car accident fatalities in the United States. Many of us would deny ever attempting to drive drunk but would have to admit that we speed almost daily.


Drive The Speed Limit

Of course, this tip seems obvious, but we all know how difficult it is to drive the posted speed limit when we are in a rush to get somewhere. Following the speed limit, though, could actually get you to your destination faster! Oftentimes, street lights are timed according to the posted speed limits, and driving the appropriate speeds will help you hit the green lights on your route to work or school! What’s more, being a little more relaxed on the road may help prevent frustration and road rage, and we certainly could all benefit from being less stressed during our work day. Most of all, though, our injury attorneys would love to see everyone be safer on the road to protect the lives of drivers in our little corner of the world and beyond! So slow down a little bit, listen to your favorite song or podcast a little longer, and arrive to your destination in one piece!


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