13 Nov

Voir Dire: How to Ensure Fair Trials for Injured Clients

“Voir dire” is a phrase that American courts have borrowed from French and Latin, and it can be roughly translated to mean “speak the truth.” In the American justice system, we use the phrase “voir dire” to refer to the…

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12 Nov

How to Recover From Physical and Mental Injuries

One of GCJ’s current auto collision cases involves a client who was injured in a car accident with her children. While our client was making a legal left turn, another vehicle proceeded and hit our client’s car head on. The…

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9 Nov

Caring for Injured Loved Ones with Traumatic Brain Injury

Our personal injury firm sees clients with burns, amputations, and paralysis. Some of the worst and most challenging injuries we see are traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. This week we want to talk a little bit about how to help…

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9 Nov

Violating Safety Rules Can Lead to Severe Injury

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A form of the Golden Rule can be found in every major religion, and it is universally understood across disparate cultures and nationalities. The same cannot be said for…

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30 Oct

Fighting For The Benefits Of Injured Employees

If our civil justice system must give a benefit to someone, who deserves to receive that benefit — an injured person, or the person who made the bad decision that caused the injury? This is the question that the collateral…

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29 Oct

How To Avoid Serious Injuries from Automobile Collisions

As a personal injury firm, the hardest part of all of our jobs is to see good people at the mercy of another person’s or company’s careless mistakes. Almost 100% of our automobile cases could be totally avoided by marginal…

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26 Oct

Oilfield Explosion Results in Severe Burns and Brain Injury

“But everyone else is doing it!” This excuse has been around for as long as there have been parents and children. This appeal to common practice is a cousin to the so-called “bandwagon” rhetorical device, which has been exploited to…

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25 Oct

Law Firm Giving Back to Louisiana Heroes

This past Saturday, the GCJ team had the wonderful opportunity to honor the 2018 recipients of the Louisiana Heroes’ Scholarship. This scholarship program is brand new and was founded by our very own Scott J. Chafin, Jr. The fund was…

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12 Jul

Law Firm Raises $10,000.00 for Local Non-Profit

The Federal Bar Association of North Louisiana held its 5th Annual Clay Shoot to benefit airmen at Barksdale AFB at the Shreveport Gun Club on Friday, Sept. 15. There were over 80 participants in the shoot and over 15 airmen…

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12 Jul

GCJ & Bulldogs Baseball Team Host Community Renewal Christmas Party

On December 14th, 2017, GCJ attorney and Bulldog’s coach Scott Chafin combined the efforts of his firm and his son’s baseball team to share the spirit of Christmas with local Bossier Parish children. As another benefit of our relationship with…

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Jury verdict in oilfield personal injury


Jury verdict in wrongful death of a pedestrian


Settlement of wrongful death automobile collision


Bench trial verdict in motorcycle collision


Jury verdict in action regarding falling luggage from overhead airplane compartment


Jury verdict in single car hydroplaning crash


Settlement of oilfield personal injury


Jury verdict in automobile collision personal injury

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