What should you do after a car wreck?


The days that come after an automobile collision can be difficult, frustrating, and often painful. But what you do during the immediate moments and days that follow your collision is crucial to protecting your rights. Our attorneys have the experience to navigate these uncertain times while putting your needs first. Call us today to discuss your accident and see how we can help you.


At The Scene

Call the police:

Tell the officer every detail of your collision. Describe all aches, pains, and injuries sustained from the wreck. If the police do not document the detail, it didn't happen.

Obtain the following information:

  • names, phone numbers, insurance providers, and driver's licenses of all drivers involved
  • make, model, and year of all cars involved
  • names & phone numbers from all witnesses at the scene

Take pictures to document: 

  • the accident scene 
  • your injuries
  • driver's and witness's information listed above

The Day After

Protect your rights:

Call our firm and let our attorneys talk to you about what comes next. 

Go to Your Primary Doctor:

Make an appointment with your doctor and always follow his advice and treatment recommendation.

Moving On

Continue Treatment:

Follow your doctor's instructions and do not miss any appointments for treatment.

Watch What You Post:

Do not post on social media about your case or accident. 

Ask Your Questions:

Bring any questions and all concerns to your attorney. It is our privilege to guide you through this process. 


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