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12 Jul

$10,000 Commitment to Building Up the Shreveport Community

Gregorio, Chafin, Johnson, Poolson & Tabor, L.L.C. recently made a $10,000 donation to Community Renewal in Shreveport to become a partner with the new Friendship House in the Highland neighborhood. Friendship Houses are located in low-income areas of the city and act as community centers in a home. Each neighborhood has two such houses – one with programs geared towards children and the other focused on teenagers. A resident family lives in part of each home while the rest of it is used for outreach to at-risk youth and families through after-school programs, community service projects and activities. Over 3,000 children and teens have been serviced since the first house opened in 1997 and neighbors have been working together to have safe, strong, hopeful communities. Recent reports show a decrease in major crime of 52% in the four Friendship House areas in Shreveport and the one in Bossier City.
We are thrilled to be a partner with this successful, innovative, ongoing program to improve our community.
Pictured Left to Right:
Tutu Baker, Alyssa Hurley, Shanetta Brown, Kristin Waller, Jimmy Graves, Scott Chafin, Charlie Tabor, Barbara Meyers, and Tamara Norman

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